Finally building Tangaroa

29.03.2006 @ 13:40
After weeks and weeks of waiting, this weekend represented a breakthrough for the Tangaroa Expedition. Late Friday night the container from Ecuador finally showed up with the cross beams and the other wooden materials and the unloading started immediately.

By midnight all the material needed for the raft were piled at the building site, and Saturday and Sundays were working day!
By Monday everything was made ready for connecting the logs by the means of ropes and knots. The main logs have been carved at one end to form the bow of the raft, each log shaped like a canoe, and cut into the right size. 

Hundreds of tracks for the ropes have been carved into the main logs and the cross beams, and everything is fit together and levelled. Even without the ropes, it starts looking like a raft!

This week the cross beams will be attached to the main logs, and the platform of 11 main logs and 8 cross beams will be ready. Since time ran out for the Norwegian carpentry students (they had to go back home after four weeks in Peru), five experienced workers from SIMA now assist the crew in assembling the raft.

Next step is to make the guara boards (keels), the bamboo deck, the hut, and the masts, before the rigging starts. Here you'll find the adjusted time schedule. Departure date is still on the 28th of April 2006!

For more pictures of the building process, see



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