The balsa logs have arrived!

29.03.2006 @ 13:36
Et puslespill du ikke kan pusle med nr du vil
At 12 o’clock March 20 our balsa logs finally arrived at the SIMA shipyard in Callao.
As a consequence of all delays on the Ecuadorian side, our faithful friend Comandante Francisco Yabar of the Peruvian Navy made a phone call to the Ministry of Transport, resulting in police escort for the logs, a distance of 1300 kilometres covered in one day and two nights.

The logs are now placed in the right order on the building platform, and all they need before being tied together is a bit of treatment by chainsaw and circular saw.

The expedition has been waiting nearly three weeks for the logs from Ecuador. Head of construction, crew member Øyvin Lauten, is the happiest of men today. –With a little help we’ll end up in The Guinness Book of Records with a world record in raft building, he says. But then we need our tools right away!

The expedition hopes to get access to their tools and materials on Monday. The containers from Norway and Ecuador are still in the port of Callao. Even the customs clearance has taken more time than expected.

The delays on the log deliverance will not affect the launching date or our plans for the last week before departure. We have calculated with possible delays in our time schedule, and departure will be on the 28th of April as planned.

Francisco Ybar i folkevogna
The Tangaroa Expedition is most grateful to The Peruvian Navy (here represented by Comandante Francisco Yabar) and SIMA - Servicio Industrial de la Marina. Without their assistance we would find ourselves in a very difficult position right now.



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