One third of the distance Callao ? Raroia covered!

24.05.2006 @ 09:02
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- We have sailed 1329 nautical miles, and have covered one third of the leg to Raroia. In comparison, we are 350 nautical miles ahead of Kon-Tiki on the same date, Øyvin writes in the logon the 22nd of May. The guara technique has proved to work well.

- We’re sailing the great circle in direction Raroia. We have a much better possibility to stay on course than Kon-Tiki had, and that is exactly what Tangaroa was trying to prove. Kon-Tiki used 101 days. Let’s see how much time we need. As long as we have wind, we’re heading straight ahead towards Polynesia.

When it comes to the weather, the expedition has been extremely lucky so far. Yesterday was quite calm, but most of the time there has been a breeze of varying strength. From time to time they have some showers, but most days are sunny and warm. The height of the waves varies from 0 to 3 meters, at times on top of a ground swell. The water temperature has stabilized at 24-25 ºC and air temperature at 26-27 ºC, so there is no need to complain!

This is how they describe it in their last report:
- Today it’s sunny  with a few clouds, and we have a gentle breeze pushing us along. Last night was quite windy with heavy showers. The sea builds up quite easily out here, but it never gets choppy. Now we sail with a wave height of about three meters. The raft creaks and groans, but manages the waves surprisingly well. The water often covers the main logs, but the cross beams which keep the raft together and carry the bamboo deck give us enough freeboard to keep our feet dry. In old photos from Kon-Tiki we can see the helmsman sitting with his feet directly on the main logs, and he would get a wet trip on such days.

The crew is happy and satisfied so far! They never expected things to run so smoothly!

The wildlife around the raft is really exciting. Frigate birds, Dorado fish and flying fish have been following them for a long time now, and a couple of days ago they had a curious sea turtle (Caretta caretta) visiting them. Olav even got the chance to dive in and take a closer look at it!

Postet av: Polynesian prehistory

Hi,Although your official mission is to observe the wildlife, what is Olav and the crew's view on Thors Theories, and do you realize genetics is now confirming extensive trans oceanic travel DID occur in ancient times, thereby confirming Thors theories.Peter Marsh

25.05.2006 @ 08:54
Postet av: Anfisa

Nice news! Glad that everything is ok! you know, that during my ordinary life thought of your rafttrip never left me. Good luck!

25.05.2006 @ 14:20
Postet av: Thor p Island

Hej Olav. Kjempemoro at flge med p dette store eventyret. Hilsen fra ReykjavikThor og Pia

25.05.2006 @ 17:52
Postet av: Werner Tiki Kuestenmacher

Hej Olav and all the other brave men,I am watching your journey with all of my heart, because I bear the name of the Kon-Tiki. When I was born in 1953, my mother named me after Thor Heyerdahls ship. Some years ago I was lucky enough to meet Thor and recieve an invitation to his home in Teneriffa. Unfortunately, before I could go there, he died.Being the author of the book "simplify your life" (over 2 million copies, translated in over 30 languages), I consider travelling like you is the ultimate simplicity of exploring the world!May you have a safe trip an a happy landing, but enough adventures. Best wishes from Tiki, his family and his friends, who are all praying for you!Tiki Kuestenmacher, Munich, Germany

26.05.2006 @ 18:07
Postet av: Alex Argote

On behalf of the Filipino people, I'd like to wish you all success in the Tangaroa expedition.I believe that the Viking blood flows in the veins of Norwegian adventurers of today who follow the path taken by Thor Heyerdahl and those of the white men who sailed from Peru on board balsa rafts hundreds of years ago.I'm currently reading Thor Heyerdahl's wonderful novel-Kon Tiki. Its really a great pleasure to read such a fine book about the daring exploits of six men who proved that Polynesia was discovered by an unknown race of white men who fled from the Incas in south america. I'm now entertaining ideas to one day build a similar raft and sail round the world.Well, did u bring a parrot on board? Are you using centerboards for steering mechanism to maintain course?

29.05.2006 @ 16:50
Postet av: Mona Sverud Higraff

Hi, Alex! Thank you for your mail and your wishes for success for the Tangaroa crew! -No, the crew didn't bring a parrot after all. First they intended to, but they concluded that a parrot enjoys the shore better, so they dropped it!-Yes, they are using centerboards, so called "guaras", which they lift and lower in order to maintain the course (this according to old drawings that Thor Heyerdahl first got to understand fully after the Kon Tiki-voyage). And it works perfecly!To read more about this, and to see pictures: Visit, click on the English flag on the top of the page. There you will find most of the articles translated into English.Good luck with your own plans!Best wishes from Mona, the wife of Torgeir, the Expedition Leader.

29.05.2006 @ 17:48
Postet av: A & IL & IB

Hi, we are having a project about Tangaroa rigth now. We started it a couple of weeks ago. It is indeed fun.

31.05.2006 @ 10:42
Postet av: kimkiller & P-J

hei bjarne resten av flten, jeg en kamerat holder p bygge en flte, har dere noen suverene tips? vi gr p skolen til gunnhild. men jeg sjnner forsatt ikke hvordan dere greide finne p denne turen. dere er genial.

31.05.2006 @ 10:46
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