No more Hard Days

23.07.2006 @ 14:31
We had great fun on the raft in the Tuamotu Archipelago, when we passed several reefs with up to four knots speed. The raft obeyed our commands. All we had to do to get clear of the reefs was to adjust the sail and guaraboards. Glad we had the knowledge about sailing, represented by Bjarne and Øyvin. We were forced to set the course north, when we really wanted to go southwest, but of course – the long path is preferable before a disaster. The challenge turned into a problem when the wind was decreasing and a new reef came up in the horizon. Time elapsed between our jokes. This had probably a negative effect on how we received orders from the officers. But still in the tense moments; when we could hear the breaking swells, and the wind from the weather forecast didn’t show up – and the raft was sucked into the lagoon with the rising tide - still then there was no sign of fear among the crewmembers.

Our calculations turned out to be correct. The positions we had won during the breeze were good enough to keep us away from disaster, and now I understand the sailor when he talks about this kind of strategies. It’s like a game of chess: You have to think many moves ahead. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see the changing mood since we came out of the dangerous archipelago, specially now when we have wind in our sails. Our bodies are filled with energy that we use to clean up the deck, and to have fun. In a few days everything must shine on deck. Now we are sailing towards Raiatea. Then we do a kind of victorious round back to Tahiti. Who knows? Maybe the president will visit the raft?  Torgeir Sæverud Higraff

Postet av: Alessandro Monti

Hi, sailors!I'm an italian journalist, working for a little news agency. I need more information about you. What's up? Are you in Thaiti?Greetings

27.07.2006 @ 08:20
Postet av: Jackson

Thank you for posting this site. I envy your adventures. Do you fish out there? Well,Good fortune and namaste.-JacksonEugene, Oregon

27.07.2006 @ 21:48
Postet av: Mona Sverud Higraff

Hi, Alessandro! I'm Mona, the wife of Torgeir, the epx.leader. We just left Tahiti, and are now back in Norway, Sweden and Peru. You'll find more information on You can also get in touch with the crew on Best regards, Mona

22.08.2006 @ 10:21
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13.11.2006 @ 02:54

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