Happy birthday to Anders and Olav!

23.06.2006 @ 10:46
Torgeir serverer kake
Mid June was party-time on the raft! Anders had his birthday on the 13th, and Olav had his on the 15th.
Anders had coffee and cake on the bedside, and this cake has really been through a lot. It was a gift from the Heyerdahl Institute already in January. Since then, it has been travelling in a container from Norway to Germany, across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and down to Peru, where it spent several weeks in the customs. It has been studied and counted numerous times by shipping agents and custom inspectors, and now finally it has been eaten after 46 days on a balsa raft – still very good!
Olav celebrated with pancakes for breakfast and – according to his own wish – MRE food from the American Navy both for lunch and dinner!

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