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21.07.2006 @ 09:22
Monday we are invited to take part in a ceremony in Marae Taputapuatea, a sacred place on the island Raiatea, west of Tahiti. The site has the largest and best preserved temples, and is among the most sacred in Polynesia. In ancient times, this was the place for sacrifices (also thousands of humans), and the place locals received important guests. In modern times, replicas of the old canoes have made stops here.

For us, this is an important tradition, and we are honored to continue it. But appointments are not easy to keep when you go by raft. We made it for the big one in Raroia, just in  time. Now we need more wind to keep our next. If you go by plane northwest from Tahiti you will find us after about 160 km. The last days have been without much progress, but we manage to go a few meters to the west, every minute.


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From "The Gentile Names of God", by Gordon Holmes Fraser - This is on the Internet:"Ball also gives a clue to the development of the name of God among the Ural-Altaic, Turkic, Samoyed peoples. Their names for God vary only slightly and within a dialectic pattern: 'Tengri' (Kalmuck), 'Tengeri' (Buriat), 'Tangere' (Tatar), 'Tangara' (Yakut and Dolgan). Mongolian folklore speaks of the Blue "Tengri" and the Eternal 'Tengri'. A striking coincidence is the name 'Tangaroa', one of the names of God in the South Pacific archipelagoes."

25.07.2006 @ 06:45

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