17th of May ? the Norwegian National Day

20.05.2006 @ 08:07
The 17th of May is the Norwegian constitution day – or the national day. Many countries celebrate their national days by military parades in the streets, but Norway has chosen a children’s parade instead, including all children between 6 and 18 years of age!

This day is a holyday in Norway. Everything is closed except for restaurants and amusement parks, and streets and houses are decorated with Norwegian flags in red, white and blue. The families gather in the streets to watch the children marching through the cities representing their schools. All of them have small flags in their hands, and they are singing the National anthem and other national songs and shouting “Hipp, hipp, hurra!”  Many schools also have their own marching band. It is quite common to wear the national costume, “bunad”, different for each county.

17 mai scanpix
The party continues all day with activities for the children and lots of ice cream, hot dogs and cakes.

On the raft they also celebrated the Norwegian National day. This is the log for the 17th of May:

“Today is 17th of May, the Norwegian National Day. It started with a new story for our fishing experts in Norway, when Roberto caught a nice tuna (or big bonito, we are not sure yet), close to 10 kg in size.
Flag ceremony at 8.00. Captain Bjarne gave a speech. We sang the National anthem and had breakfast with risengrynsgrøt (rice pudding) and fresh baked bread.
Our outfit is also nice and clean, compared to normal days. Clouds will soon disappear, a breeze pushes us steady forward towards our goal. Seems it will be a successful celebration”.

Even the fish got to see the Norwegian flag this day…

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Wow! I just finished Thor Heyerdahls book Kon Tiki, which I had found at a book recycler in El Cerrito CA, and enjoyed it very much. I became interested in the work he started after reading an article in the LaRouche science magazine 21st Century Science and Technology, discussing the voyage of Rata and Maui from Egypt to Peru and back into Polynesia around 230 B.C. and the work of Barry Fell, which seems to parallel the kind of work Mr. Thor Heyerdahl was working on. And then I find this! Having been in the US Navy, I would gladly have wanted to go on such a voyage as you are embarked on!! But, as of now, I'm busy with politics, to save the US from Dick Cheney. You are all so lucky!! I hope to find more of Thor Heyerdahls writings soon. And I will keep coming back to check up and see how your voyage is going. May you have fair winds and following seas.

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