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14.07.2006 @ 12:54
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The full moon appears to be an orange on the horizon, lighting up our sails. We have already been sailing for a while again, now heading further westwards from Raroia. Captain Bjarne has ordered change in watch hours. To me, it means I will be on watch from 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock morning and evening. I am the kind of person who generally loves mornings, and I really enjoy the hour before sunrise. 

It feels good to be out on the sea again, even if our stay in the lagoon was ever so fantastic! We are having good winds now, and the currents seem to be on our side – we sail at a speed of 3 knots most of the time, with topsail and all. The plan is to sail in between the islands of the Tuamoto group – finding the fastest route to the Leeward Islands (The Society Islands).The challenge is that the winds, waves and the currents vary a lot here. We expect to meet more ships, as we now follow the main route. Our biggest fear is that the wind should disappear completely at the wrong point in time – then the reefs may become dangerous….

The raft has been filled with fresh food. We have been assigned the task to eat not less than one big bag of coconuts….each! Raroia has even managed to find sponsors for the reception. Together with the authorities of Tahiti, 100 kilos of supplies arrived on the chartered plane last Saturday. At least 10 kilos of this are sweets and candy… :-)


Postet av: Sherry

As a huge supporter of Thor's migration theories, I'm thrilled to learn of this expedition. Out here in Hawaii, we don't hear a lot about the goings-on of the outside world - but this should have made some headlines. Thanks gentlemen, for keeping the adventure alive. Have a terrific voyage, and I'll be looking forward to future updates! Ps. If you happen to drift our way, there will be mai tais waiting with your names on them.

16.07.2006 @ 00:02
Postet av: Justin

Congradulations everyone!How's it feel to get the "land legs" back again? Glad to see those knots we tied held up through the weather. I've been following the trip all over my travels as well and love the questions I get from my Tangaroa shirt. Ander's i'm loving the Swedish hospitality here in Stockholm and can't wait to see you guys in Oslo. Olaf - me and karl already have some plans for when you get home buddy. Fair winds and following seas,Justin

17.07.2006 @ 17:43
Postet av: June

What a great experience - wish I was there too!I know you will be having an experience of a life time, something that will shape who you truly are.I was wandering if I could manage another great adventure myself - but I think I need to get my medication under control before I can even think about doing it again (just been diagnosed with emphysema and still coming to terms with it) + I will need to do some serious training I think.Any way have a great trip - all good wishes to everyone - I will be following your progress.

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