South American representation on board

12.06.2006 @ 13:44
Roberto smiler
The last one to join the crew was the Peruvian ex navy officer Roberto Sala.
”My friend Paco called me on the phone asking if I and my family would like to spend a day on the beach with some Scandinavian friends of his. He told me they were preparing an expedition in the wake of Kon-Tiki”, Roberto says. “I was looking forward to it; to meeting new people, to speaking English and learning more about this expedition”. Two weeks later he learned that the Navy was looking for a Peruvian candidate to join the expedition. They wanted a young, but still retired officer! Roberto had a quick persuasive chat with his wife, and some days later his office was cleared and Roberto was the last member of the Tangaroa Expedition.

Roberto has shown to be the perfect choice. Not only is he an expert on good old navigation, but he is also a very nice person who fits perfectly well into the crew, according to the other crew members.

Postet av: Phil Elliott

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