Strange parallel to the Kon-Tiki expedition

12.06.2006 @ 13:33
When the Kon-Tiki expedition was half way across the Pacific, they had a strange visitor. It turned out to be a snake mackerel (Gempylus serpens), a rare species of fish, until then never caught alive. As a strange coincidence the Tangaroa expedition caught a similar sample at more or less the same place, only 59 years later!

In Torgeir’s own words (excerpt):
It was a starry night with moonlight and some few clouds when I, in the middle of my three hour watch, decided to try fishing for a while. At the Tangaroa raft we normally do not fish for fun. We fish when we plan to have fish on the menu!  Still sometimes it happens that my North Norwegian genes reminds met that I used to like fishing, and this tend to happen if the watch is quiet and I have finished reading my book. (…) I let go of the rod and jumped back. What kind of strange, ugly, silvery eel-like fish was this? (…) Bjarne came out from the hut and said in his sober manner that this was a strange fish. In the raft library’s fish book we found the nothing but a sketch of something familiar to this – but in the Kon-Tiki book we found a picture of exactly the same type of fish…!


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