Raroia celebrating the arrival of Tangaroa

10.07.2006 @ 15:50
I am back on the balsa raft anchored on the shallow turquoise waters of the Raroia lagoon. I have brought Bjarne ashore by boat, just in time for the final soccer game of the world championship which is being shown on a wide screen in a small brick building also visited by the Kon-Tiki crew in 1947. When I finish this text, I will row back in to join him for the second round. From behind the palm trees I can already hear the cheering...

We then sailed to an ideal position on the south-western point of Raroia where we could see – and hear – the breaking waves against the reef. The mayor came out to meet us in a speed boat, and Olav and Bjarne went with him to search for a place to anchor. When they came back it was already dark, and there was almost no wind at all, so we decided to spend the night on the raft, with the sails down.  When we woke up, the wind came in from the north, which was the least favourable of all directions for our purpose… If not for the important happenings on Saturday morning, we would have sailed back east to wait for better winds, but under the circumstances, with the whole community waiting for us in the lagoon, and the vice-president and the minister coming on a chartered flight just to meet us, we had no choice but letting ourselves be towed along the west side of the atoll and into the lagoon.

Today we really appreciate this assistance. Bjarne has, according to Polynesian tradition, been given a new name: Teheoru o Tiki. During dinner with the people of Raroia, the vice-president promised us assistance also on the arrival at the Society Islands. The plans made for us there by the tourist authorities reach far above my wildest imagination, and I am still completely overwhelmed with all the impressions and the incredible hospitality of this people.   I will conclude by using the words of Øyvin: ”No wonder the legend of a Pacific paradise exist”!

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Guys, I'm realy happy for you! Thank you for all information you've provide for us!!!

13.07.2006 @ 22:16

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