No wonder we shout with joy!

10.05.2006 @ 09:35
“Yesterday, on our tenth day at sea, we had covered a distance of 500 nautical miles. After a lot of trying and failing the first days, we have now gained valuable experience in sailing a balsa raft. Now the raft obeys our wishes for course and speed. In the beginning we had a hard time understanding the movements of the raft. We also experienced that three of the front guaras broke under water, but we fixed that problem by cutting them smaller – they actually were a bit too big from the beginning. By doing so, we still have three extra guaras that may come in handy later. All the time we keep changing the area of keels under the prehistoric vessel, to obtain optimal balance and the highest possible speed.

The trouble-free voyage the last few days has given us peace of mind and a lot of time for reflection. In the night when we keep watch together, when we sit by the compass and glance at the phosphorescence of the sea encircling the raft like a halo, it sometimes happens that we give thanks to each other. We are so happy to experience the sea from this unique perspective, and for all the fantastic incidents and impressions that make time pass ever so quickly. One of the things we have learned is that without the effort of the person next to you, this expedition would not have been possible.

We had hard times building the best balsa raft in the world. The aim is that our navigation can keep up the good qualities of the raft. Our goal is to perform the best possible navigation in between the islands and reefs in difficult waters. Even more important is perhaps what we experience during the voyage, and the recognition of how everything in the world is connected.

Fluorescent crests of foam in the night. Swarms of flying fish in the morning. Dorado fish swimming along the raft all day long, inviting us to play - and then later in the evening letting us have one of their delicious brothers for dinner. No wonder we shout with joy!”


Postet av: Kristina

Hey, nice to hear, that youre doing fine. How about pollution- does the ocean look clean to you at this point? Best of luck!

10.05.2006 @ 13:10
Postet av: Mick O'Donnell

Hi travellers. I'm following your journey from Australian television. How do I contact you- perhaps we could meet you near your destination - Raraoia. Cheers and good luck, Mick

15.05.2006 @ 06:53
Postet av: Alan Archibald

Millions of people around the world wouldwould swap places for just an hour on your adventure. I wish you calm sea's and fairweather and safe home - Cheers, Alan & family.

15.05.2006 @ 07:57
Postet av: kevin devlin

Twenty five years ago whilst living in Oslo I was lucky enough to visit the Kon-Tiki museum. What a joy it is to share events which determined souls had and will achieve.Det gleder meg a treffe Dem!!God tur!!!!!Kevin & family.

17.05.2006 @ 09:39
Postet av: Katharina and Max from Switzerland

Hej Bjarne!We are following your adventure, which is spectacular indeed! Wishing you calm see and good luck! Big hug and best regards from Katharina and Max (from the Swiss choir staying at Haholmen).

17.05.2006 @ 19:09
Postet av: Merrilee Morse

Greetings to you from the United States! I am a homeschool mom, and this year I am doing the Book Kon Tiki with my son for school. Imagine my shock and delight to learn of your re-creation of that historic voyage! We are following your trip with great interest; so sad that there has been virtually no word on it in the American press. Bon Voyage and fair winds! Merrilee Morse from Fremont California

19.05.2006 @ 05:22
Postet av: nick conklin

i actually got to say goodbye to you all and i am always keeping yu mind for the best of luck -God Bless q:)

22.05.2006 @ 03:26
Postet av: Good luck to all and for Chino

hello, congratulations, I am friend of Roberto Sala, I live in Portland Oregon but I am peruvian. Wish all well. Terry Watson

02.08.2006 @ 21:54

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