When will it rain?

08.02.2006 @ 11:58
The Quevedo River and the city where we’ll start the floating.

Thor Heyerdahl floated the logs down the Quevedo River to the coast. Our plan is to do the same, next week. But it may turn out to be harder now than in 1947…

We share the worries of the Ecuadorian farmers about the weather. The rains should have been here already in December, filling up all the little rivers leading to the one where we will float our logs. The water level should have been almost 2 meters higher!

Torgeir and Anders checking the water level of the river from a plane.                     

But the weather is not like it used to be in Quevedo either, so when our film photographer Håvard went up in a small plane to shoot the river from above, we came with him in order to check out where we may expect trouble during the floating. Now we know that already after a few hundred meters of floating the logs might get stranded. If it doesn’t rain at all this weekend, we will need a massive amount of help to get the logs down to the coast the traditional way.



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