Broken bamboo!

07.05.2006 @ 09:03
When I came out of the cabin to take a morning swim, I found Bjarne and Øyvin struggling with the course. The sail was fluttering wildly on the fore deck, and we were backing towards east. I was ordered to help out in making the raft gybe (turn away from the wind and around), and were told to drag the sail backwards on the port side. All of a sudden the bamboo square boom broke with a slow crashing sound.

- Did I do that? I asked Bjarne. The captain examined the square boom carefully, and concluded to my relief that -No, I saw it had a crack already this morning. The sound of bamboo breaking immediately got Anders out of the cabin with his film camera. In the next minute Olav was there too: What’s happening? 

It wasn’t all that bad! Bjarne was completely calm. We found some extra bamboo and reinforced the new square boom with hard wood from Ecuador.  While Bjarne lashed the boom, Olav did a half an hour dive underneath the raft. Anders filmed him with a camera fixed to an especially made bamboo rig which he lowered down along the side of the raft. Some hours later the sail was back up, and the course again set westwards.  


According to the daily status report from the raft, three cracked guara-boards were the reason for the sudden change of course that broke the boom. The damage was discovered by Olav diving under the raft.

The incident has not damaged the spirit on board, later in the afternoon Anders sent this report: "Here everything is fine after a minor accident with a broken square boom. We had some extra bamboo, so we spent most of the day repairing it, but our spirits are high and we are in a very good mood after all! We're sailing as good as ever. We're doing 3 knots just now, and we're fishing for our first fish dinner - unfortunately it is still laughing at us..."

Postet av: Ivan

Guys, How doy you think - do you have enough bamboo to fix the same problem in the future? And if you haven't what do you plan to do?BR Ivan

07.05.2006 @ 22:34
Postet av: Dana Dufield, USA

Could you occasionally give the position coordinates of the raft (longitude and latittude)?

08.05.2006 @ 00:54
Postet av: Mona Sverud Higraff

Hi, Dana! The position coordinates are given every day! See at the top of the web page, click on "position" and you get the coordinates on the map, and you can also read a daily comment about the sailing in English, Norwegian or Spanish written by the crew. Do also look for the English flag on the top of the web page, and you will get the articles in English!Good luck and stay interested!Best wishes, Torgeir.s wife back in Norway, Mona

10.05.2006 @ 17:59
Postet av: lars christian mekvik solskjr

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31.05.2006 @ 10:49
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