First reports from the raft

04.05.2006 @ 08:49
30th of April
After a day spent mostly on getting used to our new situation, we finally felt we were rewarded for the last years’ constant struggle – tonight we had winds! Olav wanted to start sailing right away, but we realized we needed some more daylight training. At the first glimpse of dawn Bjarne and Øyvin ran up the sails, and it was an incredible feeling to watch the sails being filled and to feel the acceleration of the raft. After an hour of experimenting with the guaras, the course was set more or less permanently for the rest of the day.

All the time we take down useful notes on how to place the guaras, and we make about 2.5 knots on average with the wind coming in from the side of the raft. Our course is straight westwards, and the whole crew is in an excellent mode. While the raft does the sailing, we tidy the place, do some work out and try some fishing. The third day is a perfect one!

1st of May
Today the raft has behaved perfectly! If the wind drops, we just rise or lower one of the guaras at the stern to stay on our course. This happens so rarely that the helmsman can easily keep in complete control of the raft in between the passing fishing vessels and the reading of a good novel from his place in the hammock. From there, he also gets a good view on the huge compass dated in 1941, provided for us by the US Navy. Right now it tells us we’re sailing at a course of 270º, which will take us more or less straight westwards. Then we have taken into account the cold Humbolt current, which brings us constantly further north. Our aim is to stay on a north-westerly course; but a bit further south than the Kon-Tiki.

2nd of May
We’re hungry! Fish is on top of our list of wants every day. Øyvin almost caught one of the big ones that are most of the time playing around the raft, but it slipped away just before becoming our dinner. With a forceful blow of the tail fin it cut loose from the Mustad hook and dived, leaving the crew in deep disappointment… A bit crestfallen we ate our army meals, but just you wait…!

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where are you planning to land? Could you consider the posibility of sailing back to america, for ej. from Pascua Is.

08.05.2006 @ 05:40

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